Helping Weekend Warriors with Physical Therapy in Valencia, CA

Dr. Joshua Mitchell

Over the years, the term “weekend warrior” has gotten a negative connotation, where in fact, it was supposed to describe a person who prefers to exercise during weekends. For instance, if you like to play badminton on Saturdays and Sundays, but you still remain tied in front of your computer the rest of the week, then you can be called a “weekend warrior”.

However, just because you don’t spend your Mondays to Fridays working out or exercising, doesn’t mean you are safe against possible physical injuries. Regardless of whether your weekends are jam-packed with your favorite activities, there are chances you’d encounter physical problems. But it’s nothing you should worry about. You can always combat that injury.

At Valencia Sports Medicine, we are Helping Weekend Warriors with Physical Therapy in Valencia, CA. Here’s what we do.

1. Consultation

Whenever you encounter injuries, the best person you should see is a physical therapist. He is more knowledgeable about the right procedures to take to address your problem. Also, he understands your musculoskeletal system more than you do. He can assess and evaluate your weaknesses and strengths and create a comprehensive plan suited for your personal needs and goals.

2. Recommend Various Warm Up and Cool Down Exercises

To keep you protected and ready for strenuous activities, a physical therapist can recommend different activities and exercises perfect for warming up and cooling down. That way, you become less susceptible to injuries. It is important that you understand the importance of these activities in every workout.

3. Suggest Light Stretching

Yes, weekend warriors usually skip stretching, but if they do, they tend to overstretch. That is why physical therapists suggest a routine that involves light stretching. By doing it, the muscles are warmed up and you are keeping your body in shape.

4. Promote Fitness

To prevent muscle shock, physical therapists introduce activities that include stretching, cardiovascular exercises, as well as weightlifting to improve strength and balance, as well as condition the muscles.

5. Give Decent Advice for The Betterment of The Body

If you expose your body to consecutive, vigorous training and activities, you are increasing the risk for injuries. And although most athletes think that the more they train, the more they become efficient at what they are doing, the truth is, they are making themselves susceptible to muscle strains and injuries. When you expose yourself to consistent strains, you can possibly injure your body tissues. If left unchecked, the situation can become worse. You don’t want that to happen, right?

For that reason, the professional physical therapists at Valencia Sports Medicine gives advice that would benefit the bodies of our weekend warriors.

Weekend warrior or not, you must learn to listen to your body. If what you are doing is causing you much pain, try to slow things down. Yes, you might be mentally prepared for all these things, but your body is telling you otherwise. Learn to pay attention to the simplest things. If you think you need guidance in the process, contact Valencia Sports Medicine. We are helping weekend warriors with Physical Therapy in Valencia.

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