Santa Clarita Traditional Chinese Medicine

Evidence-Based, Alternative Medicine Treatments

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been refined and developed for over 2000 years. This approach to medical care stimulates the body’s own healing mechanisms, resulting in a holistic and natural recovery. Medical practitioners and researchers have been studying TCM for years. At Valencia Sports Medicine, we offer alternative medicine treatments that have been thoroughly tested and proven to yield results.

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Our current Santa Clarita TCM treatments include:

Our staff will recommend treatments based on your unique needs. A knowledgeable member of our team will also be happy to explain what a treatment involves and why it was recommended for you. We offer these treatments to both athletes and individuals dealing with aches, pains, and injuries.

Why More People Are Exploring TCM

TCM has been growing popular in the United States in recent years. Two major reasons for this are that studies are proving it can work and the treatments do not have any side effects. These alternative medicines are a good place for many patients with chronic aches and pains to begin their treatment as they are noninvasive and do not involve medication. In fact, many patients have avoided the need for more costly treatments such as surgery or long-term rehabilitation thanks to TCM and alternative medicine in Santa Clarita.

At Valencia Sports Medicine, our goal is to help you recover as efficiently and easily as possible. Whether you are interested in TCM or have never considered it before, our team can help you decide if it’s a viable treatment option for you after assessing your condition. Learn about how you can benefit by listening those who already have over in our video testimonials.