Tui Na Massage in Valencia

Santa Clarita Massage Therapy for Aches & Pains

Tui Na Massage translates to “pinch and pull” massage. Unlike a massage you receive at a spa, the Tui na massage’s goal is to energize the recipient, not just relax them (though a relaxed feeling often accompanies the energized feeling). A Tui Na Massage therapist uses their hands to sense energy and the body and redistribute so that it can flow freely. The treatment has proven to be an effective treatment for aches and pains, and it can serve as a useful alternative when a patient is apprehensive about acupuncture.

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What to Expect

Even people who feel nervous about massages have an easier time with Tui Na Massage. This is due in part because you can keep your clothes on during the treatment. The procedure is meant to treat both physical and mental stresses, so making patients feel at ease is essential to the process.

Tui Na Massage involves techniques such as kneading, rubbing, vibrating, pulling, pressing, shaking, and tapping. The goal is to loosen muscles and tendons to make it easier for energy to flow throughout the body.

Tui Na Massage​​​​​​​can be used to treat:

  • Insomnia
  • Migraines
  • Constipation
  • IBS
  • Premenstrual system
  • Emotional and mental distress

A Supplement to Your Regular Treatment

Tui Na Massage can be used as its own treatment or an accompaniment to your other treatments. Many people have found this treatment a useful alternative to medication and other more invasive treatments that come with a variety of side effects.

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